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Our Advantage

We believe in offering a straightforward explanation of how solar works and what is involved in its installation.

We make sure and consider all of the factors involved, to find the best viable & profitable option for your specific needs.

We will always back up our price with real numbers that help you see your total investment and overall profitability.

Our Excellence

Manufacturing Excellence
Our fully-automated manufacturing factories and our state-of-the-art Manufacturing Execution System (MES) allows for full traceability of all products from procurement to logistics and helps us to optimize the whole production process.

Vertical Integration
Solarium is geared from top to bottom to deliver the highest quality customized products from the first step in the process to the last. We begin with consultation and design, working with you to ensure that our designers meet each and every one of your needs. Then we move on to manufacturing with turnaround times better than anyone else in the industry. After manufacturing, we move onto delivery, ensuring that your custom solar products reach you (or your clients) on time, under budget, and in one piece.

In House EPC and O&M Expertise
Our in-house EPC capabilities enhance our ability to be flexible with our choice of technology, which allows us to choose high-quality equipment while optimizing the combination of total solar project cost and yield. Our in-house O&M capabilities maximize project yield and performance through proprietary system monitoring and adjustments. With the continual innovation in our EPC and O&M capabilities, we are able to offer cost-efficient solutions to all our customers.

Our Strengths

Our premium PV modules are the result of our industry-leading technical expertise. We feature cutting-edge solar cell technologies and maintain state-of-the-art R&D capabilities.

We don’t maximize, We optimize. To remain a leading solar company, we constantly explore new methods and technologies. We continue to strive for the next innovation.

From PV Modules to Utility Plants, Solarium offers a seamless end-to-end experience, where at each point of the complex process, customers can rely on our specialization.

Our products and services have the capability to satisfy every deliverable, making them bankable & fundamentally a choice that you can confidently trust. We are the best choice for investors.